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Respawnables is a third-person shooting game, aimed mainly for multiplayer situations, where players can participate in mass duels against players from all over the world.

Even though the main attraction of Respawnables is its online mode, the game also comes with more than one hundred single player missions in which you can practice your skills and gain experience on the battlefield.

Respawnables players will find more than twenty different weapons at their disposal, and more than fifty objects that they can use to personalize their character, including elements from films like Men in Black or Ghostbusters.

Online games can be played in teams or in pure death match style. In both cases, you will need the best reflexes to finish off all of your enemies before they do away with you.

Another attractive feature of Respawnables is its great graphics, which brings you fun, charismatic characters that are just as visually stunning as the scenes.

Respawnables is an outstanding third-person action game with single-player missions and an online mode, and which has enough content to keep you glued to your Android device for days on end.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher.

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